12 Comments on “Adjusting Off Of Pesky Corner Pins – #RadicalRundown”

    1. Also watch where your ball exits. Directly in the center is best. The more the ball deflects to your arm side the more you will leave the corner.

    1. When it goes long and doesn’t recover that’s obvious to the eye. I think he’s referring to when it looks like a good hit and doesn’t snap the corner out.

  1. Interesting…yeah, when I move forward I do finish closer to the line. Same when I move back. Doesn’t seem to affect my ball speed at all. I have had times when I move forward about 6 inches and start striking.

    1. That shows your approach stride stays consistent. Some bowlers (me included) will adjust their stride speed and length when they move up or back on the approach and end in almost the same spot at the line. It can change ball speed doing that. If you finish closer to the line you project farther onto the lane, whereas farther back from the line gets your ball into the lane faster – just watch for setting the ball down at or behind the line. That opens a whole can of other issues!

  2. Would love to see examples to help me understand I had this issue a few weeks back 7 frames of 7 pin not being touched

  3. Amen on that last item. I hear it SO often from opponents that “my carry went away” and “I’m smashing the pocket, but can’t buy a strike” when it’s clear as day to me that they’ve encountered a bit of carrydown. Almost every time it’s as simple as a small adjustment with your feet to kiss off the dry on a THS, or a slightly more aggressive move deeper with some axis rotation.

    THE BEST thing a bowler can do beyond the fundamentals is getting comfortable with striking in multiple zones.

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