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  1. I was just working with my daughter over the weekend on this. She is switching to 2handed and needs to get more behind the ball.

    1. As a relatively new two hander, I definitely struggled with getting behind the ball, my natural tendency was to get extreme rotation all the way to the side. It was not good, definitely good you’re working with her on it now!

  2. I just got back from our state tournament. Changing hand positions helped keep me in the pocket and away from splits and washouts for a few more shots, but I still went through 6 balls in teams and 7 in singles and doubles (6 games in a row) , my urethane balls didn’t move at all, so they never made it past practice. My equipment didn’t match up well for the conditions. I was playing straight up the boards. Everywhere else I’ve bowled the last two years I could make some shape, but this house I couldn’t. Had I practiced bouncing off the gutter more, I probably could have made some hook work. Hopefully I get picked up by another team before it’s over and I can go back and try some different things. I rarely experience what I would call a wall, but the right side walled fast.

  3. I like to add a piece of tape to the positive access point so I can watch the Tilt and rotation change when I change hand position

  4. Old woman here. My practices include 3 hand positions, 3 arrows and the gutter. Played 11 games yesterday in my 6 year old benchmark.

  5. My new Storm DNA was not reacting on back end. Tucked pinky and the ball responded quicker off the same pattern. On spares I spread index and pinky untucked to get the ball to go straighter.

  6. Excellent info Phil. I’ve tested just about all the things you’ve said today. I have learned to relax more and more and just let the ball work. Bowling with seniors the lanes seem to be pretty less oily and placing more emphasis on making the ball turn is not necessary. Speed and accuracy are more important. These days my average has crept up 10-15 pins over a couple years ago and I’m enjoying it more. If only I could make all my spares, I’d be right where I should have been years ago… 🙂 Thanks for keeping this channel alive!!!!

  7. Everything in this video <3
    I couldn't afford a huge arsenal growing up. Joe Cririllo made me practice with one ball so I could be better overall. Between him and Wally Wallace I got through college with what I had.
    Now I'm throwing my Outer Limits 80% of the time lol

  8. We love you Phil, but I have to say that if you really believe what you preach in this video, then you need to get the brands of Brunswick to standardize bowling balls more and not produce so many dang bowling balls. Bowling is hard enough without having to master more than 1 or 2 hand positions. Why wouldn’t we master rolling it the same way and just switch balls? And ball companies love this because it means we’ll buy umpteen different bowling balls if we can afford to do so. It sounds like you believe this needs to change though, correct?

  9. Good info. I am working on three releases and understanding how they play off of each other. I can flatten out my hand and shoot straight at spares w/ any ball in the bag.
    The thing is that I have to alter my approach a little bit to put my body in position for my hand to be in the correct release position.

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