Adding The Storm Fate Into My Arsenal FULL TIME!

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The all new Storm Fate is a bowling ball that just continues to impress! Today we are finding out how it stacks up to the Infinite Physix and how it will be incorporated into my arsenal!

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47 Comments on “Adding The Storm Fate Into My Arsenal FULL TIME!”

  1. It’s very clear to see that the fate is a bit cleaner through the fronts and jumps off the friction much harder. Typical for a shiny pearl. I think I still like the infinite more as it seems more versatile and I prefer the smoothe rounder motion.

    1. I definitely prefer a smoother rounder motion as well but these two balls will be used at different times in your progression

    2. @Luis Napoles I’m assuming infinite first and fate later as the lanes transition a bit since it’s cleaner through the fronts?

    3. I’ll say this the Fate isn’t as jumpy off of friction as most other typical pearls are and that’s a good thing, I’ll take some blend with a symmetrical pearl….yes please!

  2. So just bought the infinite and was pretty impressed in my 1st set… then I just won a fate on the live stream with storm and belmo.. in your opinion should I lay them out similar or tweak the fate a little? Infinite is 60x5x25

    1. Being that one is asym and the other symmetrical and you like the way the infinite rolls I’d say do them the same!

  3. I like your presentation. I’m tired of guitar music and time wasting production in YouTube videos. Your get to the point videos are great. You’re better than the Radical Bowling throwbot for sure!

    1. Haha thanks Matthew! When I first got started with YouTube seriously my goal was to be different to break the mold. So you saying that is an incredible compliment

  4. So Luis, would you say the infinite is similar to the roto grip uc2? I love my uc2, and was wondering if the fate would be a grat complement to it

    1. I wouldn’t say that no. The infinite will be earlier smoother and stronger over all when compared to the uc2

  5. Luis, New to bowling how about doing an video that explains all the ball numbers you are talking about , like lay outs and so on.

  6. I just ordered a dark code as my first asym piece. I have a phaze2 and idol cosmos as my 1st look balls. Thinking about the phaze5 as a different look

  7. Great advice. I’m seriously thinking of adding both to my arsenal. Tell me though, when heavy oil has been dragged down by many urethane bowlers, and even a Phaze 2 with a fresh 2000 surface won’t hardly hook, is any ball going to help me? I’m a low rev player.

    1. If you’re in that much carry down what I like to do is move in away from that urethane traffic and grab a stronger ball like a gem or reality

  8. When you start leaving 10’s, have you ever thought about changing your index finger position? 1/2 inch further out will change you rotation slightly and entry angle works the other way as well. Just a thought before ball changes.

    1. Use your index finger as Joseph states but also spread out your pinky and this will help you to stay behind the ball for a straight release. The index and pinky go hand in hand when it comes to different releases. This is how I was able to not have to use a plastic ball on spares anymore. I can pick up the 10 pin with any ball now(right handed). It’s great, so much better!

  9. I’d be interested to see how the fate compares to something like the original Zen, I’m guessing they would be fairly similar

    1. Yea there’s a lot of hype behind this ball! Sure it’s a Belmo ball and there’s always gonna be hype but this one seems more than the last few

  10. More and more, I wish I had ordered the Fate at the Matchmaker. That bowl just flat-out rolls well!

    Got to get back into a league so I’m bowling enough though. Couldn’t justify the purchase (to myself).

    1. I want to add fate and phaze to as well to my arsenal do u have them all pin up or down? And how do you use them what do you use on the fresh?

  11. Lovely bowling, bowled my highest for abt 5 years, 2 weeks ago, 756. Just loving that Infinate Physics even more, might end up being my next ball.

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