Absolute Power & Summit Peak | Official Teaser | Storm Bowling

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Proven technology wrapped up in fresh coverstocks. Absolute Power and Summit Peak arrive 1.19.24

Absolute Power –

Summit Peak –

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13 Comments on “Absolute Power & Summit Peak | Official Teaser | Storm Bowling”

  1. cool tech bowling teaser absolute power summit peak ai core more strike spare hitting power at time absolute power nano tech in coverstock more strike spare hitting power at time bowling

  2. Been throwing my Absolute all year 😊 Love that ball 👍 Can’t wait to get the big brother!

  3. I feel like Storm is watering down their product with so many new releases too quickly. It’s hard to keep up. I was about to get a Journey drilled last week and then stopped when I caught wind about the Sublime. Now I’m going to hold up to check the specs on these two new pieces coming out. If I had the budget to drill 6-8 balls each year, then no problem. But even then, are you allowing your balls to work themselves into shape if you are replacing them so often? I’ve drilled balls that have taken me about 15-18 games to finally figure out on how and when to play them.

  4. Ya know when you consumed too much food at a holiday dinner and grandma tries feeding you more? That’s what’s happening with the bowling world. Slow down, I’m about to throw up

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