A LOT Of Bowlers Changing To 14lbs From 15 & Here’s Why!

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Today we are comparing bowling balls that weigh 14 lbs as well as 15 lbs to see if there's any noticeable difference in carry, speed and rev rate!

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53 Comments on “A LOT Of Bowlers Changing To 14lbs From 15 & Here’s Why!”

  1. Excited to see this one! I throw 14 because it’s less fatiguing and it’s easier to keep my speed up as a 2 hander. One negative is the core specs are sometimes a lot different on 14 lb balls and most reviewers throw 15 lbs.

    1. Yep I def saw some big time core spec differences. I went with a 14 lb Phaze II and really like it.

  2. I came back to bowling after almost 20 years and used to throw 16lbs, started last Sept. in 16lbs, almost IMMEDIATELY went down to 14lbs and the transition was absolutely the right move, I don’t feel like I have any disadvantages with ball weight whatsoever.

    1. So funny because I just came back to bowling as a hobby after two decades and I now only throw 14s and used to exclusively threw 16 also.

    2. I bowl with a 15 lb ball last summer. I switched to a 14lb ball. Went back to the 15lb. I found that the 14lb ball deflected on pocket hit and shooting multi pin spares.

    3. I throw 14, 15 and 16 pounds doesn’t make any difference to me.

    4. I do prefer 16 pounds because of how it drives through the pins.

  3. I would like to see this experiment continues, interested in the results over bigger sample sizes

  4. Really appreciate the video I am an older bowler and moved to a 14 pound ball about a year ago largely in hope that it might in crease my ball speed. From everything I have seen it did increase my speed by almost 2 miles per hour which has help a lot in being about to control overall ball reaction down lane. I personally would love to see more reviews of 14 pound balls as I sometimes wonder if I would get the same results as the review if I decided to try the lighter weight ball since the RG and diff would be a little different Thanks for the video it was a great help with valuable info.

  5. as a late bloomer starting bowling at 65 i went up from 13 to 14 but came back down to 12 (due to hand arthritis) and i have way more control throwing a lighter ball . i do see the change in how the ball reacts with different cores. thanks for the information and love the content.

  6. I’ve recently made the jump from 15->14 when I picked up my Phaze 5 and this video is making me feel a lot better about the decision. I’m around a 210-220 house average throwing 15/16#, couple 800s, few 300s. I notice very little difference in how 14 and 15 HIT the pins. Same leaves, no deflections. I’ve even started throwing the ball SLOWER with the 14# than I did with 15 or 16 because it’s easier to control and get off my hand correctly.

    Thanks for the video, been fun following this channel!

  7. The technology they build in today’s balls is so advanced, that the weight difference isn’t as big of a factor as it once was. I love my 14# weight. It allows me to bowl longer & hurt less.

    I do have to watch the core numbers a bit (especially with Storm gear), as can vary a lot between #14 and #15.

    Bowl with what feels comfortable!

    1. They used to think a 1/2 oz of side weight was a big deal! Now I can take my thumb out, lay it on the 30 board, hang it off the right gutter and hit the pocket.

    2. The difference is 14lb has the scientific best balance between drive and deflection,15lb was always a useless burden of a wasted pound

    3. Core values would have to really differ a LOT before you could have any measurable difference. One thing I don’t like about Luis’s videos is that he puts way too much emphasis on cores. The core values only make for less than 10% of a balls performance with the cover stock and layout (especially the cover and cover surface) making by far the greatest effect on the ball. The differences in core values would be so slight by comparison, it would be very difficult to measure how much the core itself affected the ball differently. The difference in mass weight, by itself, would make a greater difference in performance than the core values would. The cores would have to be radically different to be noticed just by the cores themselves.

  8. I switched to 14 because I was having trouble repeating my shots and a constant pain in my elbow after bowling a few games. I should say I also added a pinky hole to take some of the pressure off my elbow as well and that also helped. I was able to throw the ball faster and with more rev rate due to the switch. What I have seen off your hand is it rolls much better and you are getting more consistent shots and pin carry with the 14. Pin carry/pin reaction really isn’t any different at a lower weight from 14-16lbs.

  9. I just picked up a 14 lb DNA and IQ Ruby. I’ve been thinking about going from 15 to 14 for a while. I’ll see how it goes after they are drilled up. In my opinion, it looks like the 14 lb comes off of your hand really well.

  10. Great video Luis! I’ve always thrown 14 lbs and just play in a league 1x a week. Surprisingly a good amount of bowers in my league throw 14 and it isn’t just the old guys. I would like to see more comparison videos in 14 lbs as the numbers can vary depending on the ball.

  11. Thanks for this video. I switched from 15lb my whole life to a 14lb zen soul 2 years ago. I don’t have anything concrete for numbers but sure feels like I am able to keep my speed up and I sure don’t see any difference in carry. I have raised my average from low 190’s to currently 207 in my league since switching. 1lb doesn’t seem like much but has sure helped my aging body

  12. I had been considering going down to a 14 from a 15 for a while. I finally got a new ball in a 14 and I really noticed a difference in the first game. I felt more comfortable. My back is not as good as it was when I was younger so I think this will help me to bowl more games before feeling fatigued. My son has been using 14 for a while and I have been encouraging him to keep at that weight. As soon as I don’t have to keep getting my kids more balls I will get me more 14lbs.

  13. I definitely switched from 15 to 14 6 yrs ago because of the stress of my wrist because i loft the ball but i didnt feel no difference in ball profromance and I love 14 alot better but I believe it’s what a person is more comfortable with that 14 really looked good coming off your hand speed is alot faster as well.

  14. Thanks Luis for a great video! You explain your bowling subjects very well! I’m a 71 year old senior bowling, so the weight of my bowling balls have really made a difference in my averages. Because of just joint problems, aches and pains of getting older, I have gone to a 13lb ball vs 14lbs, but do use my 14lbs on occasion! (Versus’s 15 to 14)This one pound change, for me, has really helped, since the lighter ball allows me to be a little faster with ball speed and more accurate hitting my target! Most seniors use 14lb balls anyway, with a few using 13lb. It is really important to me to use the weight that allows me to hit the pocket well! I do bowl 200 and above, on occasion, with my 13lb balls, which is satisfying. The only big thing going from 14 to 13 for me is that the RG and differiental really change because the cores change! I have started using Motiv balls since they do not change the ball cores when you drop to 13 lb balls! Thanks again for this great video!

  15. I threw 14lb from 16 to 26, always felt fine to me, my 300s and 789 were with a 14lb reign of fire and had a high avg of 219 for 39g summer league. 15 has been good as well, definitely more carry here and there. I also think a good bowler will score high regardless of weight.

  16. I injured my wrist in Iraq in 2007, when I started bowling again in 2010 I dropped from 16 to 14. I’ve had a lot of people tell me over the years I’d have better carry, better ball motion, etc. if I switched to 15. I tried a couple times but there was too much pain, and lower scores, so I’ve stuck with 14 and been pretty successful. Thanks for the video!

  17. I came back to bowling this past spring after 30 yrs away from it , I instinctively went to 14 lbs. just because I figured I wasn’t strong enough to roll 16lbs. Like I used to . I really feel like my instincts were right , and I’ve seen some science since that kinda proves that out . I’m happy with my results so far . When I quit I was averaging high 160s maybe 170. Since I’m back my avg has climbed to 180 and I feel like it will continue to climb .

  18. Good vid. I’ve been throwing 14 for a couple years now due to back issues. Saw improvements with lesser back fatigue and my ball speed. Always looking/interested in seeing vids like this. Especially in the core differences which can make two radically different balls between the two weights. Thanks Luis, keep these coming if you can.

  19. Due to hand issues I’ve started a 14 lb arsenal and would greatly appreciate more comparisons on 14 lb balls. BTW this video was very helpful and answered a lot of questions I had concerning this topic. I have a Rubicon uc3 and a black widow legend right now and am looking for 1 or 2 more to add to my arsenal. Any input would be awesome.

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