900 Global Zen vs 900 Global Zen Master | In Depth Comparison!

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they say the sequel is never better than the original! Will that statement hold true here?!?

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9 Comments on “900 Global Zen vs 900 Global Zen Master | In Depth Comparison!”

  1. I guess The 900 Global Zen And The Zen Master is Really A Good Ball but The Question Is When Does The 900 Global Zen And The Zen Master Comes Out So I could Order It Online ??

  2. I know you’re no longer with Motiv but I’m sure you’ve seen the Pride, Hopefully you get one, wanna know your input/thoughts.

  3. Can’t hear Zen without hearing D-Tang “Zen ball goooooood”

    Question though. If you changed the Zen to the same surface as the Zen master wouldn’t you have the same ball reaction? Or am I thinking about it wrong?

    1. Even my Brunswick staffer nerd friends have to admit that Zen ball good. And no, at the same surface the Zen would still be longer and snappier due to pearl vs solid additives

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