900 Global Zen U Might Just Be The Urethane Bowling Ball We Have ALL Been Waiting For!

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Today we are reviewing the newest urethane bowling ball the 900 Global Zen U. We are doing this review on the PBA Cheetah Oil Pattern as well as a fresh typical house shot! Enjoy and make sure to subscribe!

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44 Comments on “900 Global Zen U Might Just Be The Urethane Bowling Ball We Have ALL Been Waiting For!”

  1. Luis, I got the IQ tour solid based on your praise in previous videos. I am now averaging 750 series up from 660 series average. That ball is something special.

  2. I have the Storm Purple Pitch, I’ve had some success with it in League, but I have seen a bunch of reviews on this Zen U and I do believe I will purchase this, and use it in League and if pissing off a few of those guys who throw straight up 5 or 10 also happens well that’s just a Bonus. So yeah go for it!

  3. I cannot wait for this ball to come out! I really love the Storm line and came very close to purchasing the purple hammer as I needed a different option besides the Pitch Black for when it bales on me.

  4. Obviously I know you can’t throw the purple anymore, but do you think they overlap or could you see both in a tournament bag?

    1. I think if you put the pitch black and the purple hammer next to each other the Zen U would be in the middle but closer to the P hammer

  5. Lou, I saw what I needed to see. The straighter up the the lane you played with the Zen U, the better it went through the deck. That is my A Game.
    Up to this point my God ball has been my Purple Hammer with 2″ leverage layout. I camp out to the right and roll it right up 7 board for the whole set.
    It gets clean up the lane then rolls across in a smooth continuous manner. Could the Zen U be even better at this???

    1. I think it can be but its hard to sit here and say that it can be better than one of the best balls ever LOL

  6. Always preferred the Purple Tank over Purple Hammer, but this one could give the tank a run for its money.

  7. Where do you look on the lane while throwing the ball? Arrows, dots, pins? I always know where I’m standing on my starts and I use arrows for my eye aim but thinking about focusing on 3-6-10 pin depending on where I’m starting. Hoping it’ll help my swing be more consistent. I love the right side of lanes (5-15 arrow usually) but when I have to move left I have trouble sending the ball to the right.

  8. I’d love to know how it works for you in game 2-3 in league…especially if you have someone else throwing thane on the pair.

  9. I Never had the Zen U Compare it to the UC3 and Pitch Black I have these 2. I am excited how it compares to the UC3 and Pitch Black

  10. Let’s be honest, most of us aren’t going to be touching urethane, at least not often. I think you’re better off using the cool new reactive stuff (like right now the Fate), than risk some kind of issue with folks in league who have no idea how to bowl with carrydown.

  11. As a low rev lefty I rarely find an instance to throw true urethane, however I’ve had a decent amount of success with the uc3. I do bowl on a sport pattern league in the summer, might have to pick up a Zen u for that later on.

  12. That looks like you used 60 grit sand paper on a ball spinner. And it reminds me of the visionary granite gargoyle that you could see little rubber pieces in the particle reactive coverstock sanded with 320 wet sand

  13. Some day I’ll learn how to bowl. Lol. Been rough this season but I love the Phase 2 I bought last summer. Any recommendations on a newer ball good for regular leauge type patterns????

  14. Throw it in league I’d love to see it compared to fast pitch but I’m not sure who’s going to do a comparison with it

  15. I throw all storm balls except for the urethane I use the purple hammer cheat code… it makes quite a nice combo on normal house with the hyped solid and can do what ever I want with it on most sport patterns as a lefty

  16. Lou, I just posted my three part series of my detailed comparison between the Zen U, Purple Hammer and Pitch Black. All balls have the same layout and same grit. This is a live test with no cuts and includes my on the spot live commentary and reactions. Please check out Videos #148-150 on my Channel if you have time. Hope you enjoy them!

  17. I just had my ZEN U drilled yesterday and used it in league tonite, and rolled a 230, 260, 245!!! This ball ios crazy wicked!! I LOVE IT!!

  18. My go to Urethane has been the Radical Double Cross. Very versatile on multiple lane conditions. I can make it go straight with a 3-4 board hook or hook 20 if I need to. I absolutely love it.

  19. Just bought my Zen U can’t wait to roll it tomorrow. Love your channel my friend. Update first 3 games I left 18 ten pins uggghhhh

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