5 Comments on “900 Global Zen U bowling ball review – lefty and 2-handed test”

  1. Interesting that it affected the pattern that fast. I am assuming you mean carrydown making the ball go longer and longer and tightening up the shot?
    What are you thoughts on this ball for us low rev bowlers who like to stay out around the twig?

    1. I was a little confused. Made me wonder if I started too deep. I didn’t see this impact with the Carbide Tank or not as much anyway. On the sport shot, the Carbide Tank also worked a touch better for me. I still think the Zen U can be a good option but one thing. I think the surface will need to be cleaned and freshened frequently. My Carbide Tank still looks dull after 10 games. Zen U like other urethane gets that oil sludge on it that needs to be hard wiped.

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