900 Global Zen Soul Ball Review! The Zen Lineup Of Bowling Balls Just Got A HUGE Upgrade!

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The 900 Global Zen was a no doubt home run of a bowling ball and the Zen Master built on that! Now the Zen Soul just took that to a whole other level! Same Meditate core wrapped around the proven S77 Cover in a hybrid form! WWRD is May 27th!

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32 Comments on “900 Global Zen Soul Ball Review! The Zen Lineup Of Bowling Balls Just Got A HUGE Upgrade!”

  1. Hi Luis, thanks for your review of these balls ! I’ve also said this before …. 900 Global hit it out of the park with this series of balls ! The PERFECT TRIFECTA !! I own the Zen and Zen Master, and look forward to getting the Zen Soul . Really, when one has all 3 of these balls, what else do you need ? The ONLY other series that EVEN comes close is the Reality Series of balls ….. Reality, Altered Reality, and you would have to think a HYBRID REALITY is coming down the pike as well. If you are a 900 Global fan, you have your “dream arsenal” !!! I would say 900 Global has the asymms and symms covered ….. BTW, how many shots did it take you to have that Zen Soul roll up and stop just perfectly on the ball return in the beginning of the video ??? lol … great stuff !!!

  2. Absolutely freaking love the small new camera work. Do it more

    ps pls send me a zen im broke and i need it🥰

  3. I think you definitely need to ask Sam’s Town to give you a custom Luis Napoles oil pattern with a few more mls of oil. The ball looks amazing but I have a Zen Master, Hyroad, and RST X2 so I don’t think I need something to squeeze between the Master and the Hyroad on a typical house shot. Great video!

  4. My zen master has no hook in the back end 😭 it’s been the most disappointing ball I’ve bought I hope a new drilling solves the issue.

    1. @Josh Lynd Heya, it’s pin up but I was throwing it pin down just to mess around and I prefer the ball shape. The way it is now is very difficult for me to get it into the pocket I’m only a 200 avg so maybe it’s my fault

    2. @NAVI I drill most of my stuff pin up also I’m only a 200 average right now all I can say is practice makes perfect adjusting/ spare game and sometimes you might just need a little more ball I know a proton physix or a gem will always come back

    3. The zen master is not designed for back end. It’s a really strong smooth solid. If you want back end then you need the Zen

    4. My Master covers a ton of boards for me. Early, continuous, and strong as heck. I have it at a 1500 finish right now but it still looked fantastic at 3000 too. It does a good job at blending the lanes. If I get it right it hooks back but not as sharp giving me a forgiving shape. If I get it left it doesn’t bail on me but definitely holds line. I love it. Want to talk about a ball that hooks early and bails out? My old Sure Lock, bleh. Don’t enjoy it on a house shot lol.

    5. @Josh Lynd Well I’m going drill it pin up but a different lay out I already have a phaze 2, Jackal Ghost and a Proton Physics but I want my zen master to have a better shape it’s been unusable for me 😔

  5. I have the RST 1 I’m looking into the zen soul would like to see how they’re compared..

    1. Bummer regardless I need ball the rst1 soaks so much oil I’ve already had it detox worked great after now it staying flat not hooking. I was looking into the wolverine I heard it got banned..

  6. Man, the Zen Soul looks good. Will most likely use Luis’s link to get one. Thank goodness for Afterpay! Aside from the B Roll which is a nice addition, I noticed the Machismo Flow. Let it grow brother!

  7. It just looks like too much ball where the Zen would hold. I definitely wouldn’t drill one 4″ pin to PAP.

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