6 Comments on “900 Global Zen Master vs Phaze II by TamerBowling.com”

  1. 1st. Well I was hoping for a bit of a better comparison as I have the zen master pre ordered and currently throwing the phaze 2. Would that be a pointless purchase and should buy the zen pearl instead?

    1. Depending on how you have your phaze drilled you can drill the zen to be the first ball out the bag then switch to the phaze since it’s a little longer and smother in my opinion. But you can also go zen pearl as well and play the same area with more length and backend. I’m a lefty and I’m pretty much storm everything, my league bag is phaze 2 which I hardly have to use, pro motion and iq tour. Tourney bags I have those 3 plus proton physix, dark code and pitch black. Pro motion is usually first out the bag to see how it reacts to whatever pattern I’m on then switch accordingly. Not sure what you have in your bag/s but you can’t go wrong with the pearl, best of luck to you.

    2. @Ricky Fontaine Yes I have my phaze 2 drilled to be my benchmark ball and am a no thumb bowler. I just bowl leagues and have a few balls i switch out. Here’s what I own at the moment: phaze 2, purple hammer, radical squatch, brunswick rhino, motiv affliction and a tzone for my spares of course. I have the IQ tour nano pearl on the way as well. I mainly throw the phaze 2 squatch and tzone but switch out the squatch depending on the lanes im on. Do you think a zen would improve my arsenal?

    3. @Jesse Baxter honestly the Zen and phaze numbers and surfaces are almost near identical bro rg is .01 higher so they’re gonna play pretty much the same same. If you want something above the phaze I would recommend the proton physix or wait on the trend 2 to release but if you want a different look to go after the phaze then that iq nano pearl you have coming would be the ball to go to and turn the corner a bit more plus it’s cleaner and can play the same area as the phaze. My opinion I wouldn’t get the zen master they’re gonna look the same. It’ll be a great replacement for the phaze but like me i LOVE my phaze 2 so I have a extra in the closet whenever move decides to die, good luck bro.

  2. I feel like the Zen master would compare to my og UFO on the down and in shot. Going left as I’m a rightie the Zen master would be better.

  3. I honestly hate my phaze 2, I really wanna like it, i take it with me to every tournament since it’s all i got, that and a Iq tour. But it just doesn’t work well for me. Maybe it’s the pin down layout… Idk. The ball feels super lazy. Sometimes it looks good, most times I have no idea what it’s gonna do lol

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