22 Comments on “900 Global | Zen Master – Daria Pająk”

    1. @mofiaman83 I did too. A couple of websites were saying Hybrid until they officially announced it today.

    1. lmao I just got a zen as well, I love it but I think this will compliment it so I think it was a smart move by 900

    2. I am waiting for the storm 900 hype video for the Zen Master. I’m pretty sure I will fall in love. Just trying to contain myself now. 😜

  1. why does almost every new ball look the same?.. Phaze 3, Ufo Alert and now this one.. all look the same.. 🙁
    Well still seems to roll pretty sweet.

    1. They are all poured in the same factory that is owned by the same company. But the Phaze 3 has been out for over a year now.

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