900 Global Zen Master | Ball Review | Phaze II Successor?

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Storm Pro Shop Staffer Anthony Wiegand throws the ZEN MASTER, the newest symmetrical solid bowling ball from 900 Global bowling! Multiple angles, commentary, and more!

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21 Comments on “900 Global Zen Master | Ball Review | Phaze II Successor?”

  1. A lot of people will have misconceptions with this ball and will be disappointed (not your fault). Also, I don’t believe that this ball would kick a P2 out of the bag and this ball will probably get discontinued while the P2 still stands. Ball seems very niche and looked like a complete dud when Verity was throwing it in the finals the other night.

    1. ​@Bowlers Rant I agree with that when you put state things for what you see and what you bowl on, but I just don’t see how generalizing with a niche piece will help people out in the long run. Essentially – This will replace the P2 in my bag to this can replace a P2. You even said that there are different players with different shots and I just see that resulting in a lot of disappointed people when they purchase and roll this ball. Also I love SPI, but this ball just seems like a Super Soniq Jr and will not be usable for the general public. Will it be on certain conditions for certain players? Of course, but Norm Duke also had success with the Soniq and Super Soniq when pretty much everyone else didn’t.

    2. @Josh you comment on niche peice is a leading assumption/opinion which invalidates the argument. Most of the players I know who have thrown this ball on regular or medium challenge conditions love it.

    3. @Bowlers Rant P2 is the GOAT benchmark + ball. I am just stating that when the hype dies down, it will still be here. Sure good bowlers can make the ZM work, but it seems like a ball that a lot of people need to polish to make usable or they need to bowl on very heavy conditions where all SPI branches have better options.

    1. I’d get the zen (original) over the phaze 3 if possible. To answer your question this ball is nothing like the phaze 3. Worlds apart as far as reaction. Zen master is a solid non polished ,early rolling, hard driving, big core ball. Phaze 3 is polished hybrid but is INSANELY reactive to friction. looks cool but is not forgiving on spares it leaves. I have a phaze 2 and the zen is what I wanted the phaze 3 to be. I have not met a single person who doesn’t LOVE the Zen. I am actually selling my phaze 3 as it has not been out of my bag since having the zen. Zen is WAY more usable on WAY more conditions. I’m a 200 average bowler and almost rolled 2 300s in the first week. Have 200 games on it and is still the ball I use majority of the time. (With necessary care and maintenance obviously). Saying alot considering I have 15+ balls. Most are less than a year or Two old. It’s that good.

  2. I worked there at Maple a while back and bowled there a few times. I remember that place having very clean backends. Have you tried straighter angles or is that ball too strong for that house to do so?

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