4 Comments on “900 Global Zen Is Turning Into One Of My FAVORITES! #Shorts #ZenBallGood #Bowling”

  1. Do you think the 900 Global Altered Reality could replace the Zen on a house shot?

    I’ve been starting the night with an IQ Tour and it’s been going great. But I need something to go a bit longer/read the lane a bit earlier than the Zen.

    Our games are very similar. About 15mph down lane and about 300-350rpms with not a lot of tilt.

  2. I’m looking for a 900Global ball that is stronger than the Hyroad Pearl. Love the HRP. Thinking of Hustle Camo as weaker version, thoughts? Zen Master doesn’t work for me. Don’t understand why. 11-12mph guy with average spin.

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