900 Global Zen Is STILL My Favorite Bowling Ball! What’s Yours?!

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Since I first drilled this 900 Global Zen it’s been my undisputed favorite bowling ball! Zen ball good! What’s your favorite bowling ball?

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16 Comments on “900 Global Zen Is STILL My Favorite Bowling Ball! What’s Yours?!”

  1. Currently the Altered Reality, But may do the exchange and get the Roto Grip Gem.. Undecided.

    1. If the AR is your favorite ball right now I would not trade it in because it’s still legal to be used! Just hold onto it until it becomes fully illegal.

  2. Well, I just got a Zen Master a few weeks ago and have flirted with a 700 each time I used it. So I’d have to say at the moment that one. I previously used a Sure Lock and I’m sorry but the Master has so much more hook than the Sure Lock it’s mind blowing!

    1. @Luis Napoles I used to love it and I still have it in my bag. I lowered the grit to 2000 and now the ball just hooks at my feet and then loses all energy. Almost no backend reaction. Do you have a recommendation of what grit I should try? I use the CTD pads and I also have the polish, but I feel like polishing it would mitigate the whole point of that ball. It also may need to have the oil removed from it, I’m not sure if it’s dead or I’m misunderstanding the reaction I should be getting out of it.

  3. I’d love to see more overseas ball reviews cause no other YouTuber is doing that!

    Any chance of you reviewing the overseas Zen Soul?

  4. Right now…100% Zen.

    Picked one up last week and shot 725 last week and 786 last night w/300.

    I will see how it does this Fri/Sat @ the Open Championships 😃

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