3 Comments on “900 GLOBAL | Zen Gold Label Design Intent”

  1. I’m sorry im not a fan of calling the coverstock certain blends like 801 blend or 701 blend. What you guys were doing before with the 900 global brand and giving numbers to the coverstock that told us how strong the covers were like S84 was genius. I could actually look at the core and look at the coverstock number and have a idea where that ball belongs. 801 blend tells us nothing especially since this is suppose to be the cleanest cover on a zen ball. Having this Gold label zen and saying that it had lets say a S70 coverstock wouldve told us more. We couldve automatically know boom this is a Zen ball with a weaker cleaner coverstock so chances are this thing is going to boom at the end especially compared to the original zen. Naming the coverstock certain blends is going backwards. Especially when the consumer is already confused with which coverstocks are stronger than others and you see people asking all the time for charts about coverstock strength. With Global it was simple and transparent.

  2. This cover is the cleanest and most responsive? It reminds me of the difference between s84 response and s84 beta. The reality check was clean and whipped down lane. That is the gold label to my eye. I think the cover is actually a stronger cover than s77 but the characteristics of the cover cause the ball to use its greater strength further down the lane.

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