12 Comments on “900 Global Zen Gold Label – 2 Testers vs Zen Bowling Ball Review”

  1. Your comments make sense from what I saw here. I’m thinking It may sit a touch below my Ruby while a bit longer and sharper.

    1. It’s definitely not weaker than the Ruby. What he said for Bryan, was that the Ruby fills the mid-late slot in his arsenal better for him.

      I haven’t been able to figure out it quite yet. OG Zen feels like R3X while I think this cover on the Gold Label may be pretty close to R2X. It still feels a touch stronger than R2S plus bigger core over the Ruby

    2. @R B both the gold label and the zen pearl use the s77 cover, which is similar to r2s. The modifications make this cover cleaner than the zen pearl, so this is a weaker cover than r2s

    3. @Iceman511 The gold label does not use S77, it is a “new” cover formula. S70 is essentially the equivalent of R2S, S74 was always close to R2X, this is where my assumption of S77 being around R3X comes in since it’s known that S77 has Nano additives.

    4. @R B their website literally says it uses S77, my guy. The zen is comparable to the phase 5 in terms of numbers and cover strength, at most this will be as strong as r2s

    5. @Iceman511 Gold Label uses “Reserve Blend 801” according to the website and all of the marketing materials. S77 on the Zen is stronger than the R2S on the Phaze5. S77 has Nano while R2S on the P5 does not

    1. None actually😂. It’s a camera angle thing. He is typically within an inch of 2 but rarely actually fouls. Has never fouled while testing.

    1. Some will find them fairly close but I prefer the eternity in mid defined and zen gold label more in mid late so for slightly less volume.

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