900 Global Zen By Luis Napoles | My FAVORITE New Ball!

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Of all the balls I have drilled in the last few weeks, this 900 Global Zen is EASILY my favorite so far! If you don't have one in the bag I truly believe its a must have!

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20 Comments on “900 Global Zen By Luis Napoles | My FAVORITE New Ball!”

  1. Lou, what happened to the Wildfire league live stream for 8/12/21? I know you stated there was 2-3 weeks left in summer league.

  2. Have you thought about joining an online seller and reviewing balls for them like jr Raymond did with bowlerx

  3. everyone always says this is their favorite ball, lol same, this is my favorite symmetrical ball, by a long shot… also i want to see SWAG and STORM balls (Joker Wild and Proton Physix)

  4. Just drilled up a zen last weekend. Need to throw it more. League starts after Labor Day then I will see how good the zen is

  5. I knew the Zen would blow your mind. It’s my favorite ball!

    I would like to see 3 good shots foe the diversity test. We can’t learn much off bad shots. Well, real bad shots. Even if you cut and edit the three good shots JUST for the diversity test, at least we can see how they can do from each zone.

  6. The name change of the channel threw me off but, i like this video and this ball is one that i’m curious about. Thanks!

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