900 Global Xponent Pearl Bowling Ball Review! BETTER Than The Original That Was Ball Of The Year?!

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900 Global bowling ball review! Ball of the year in 2023 just got a pearl version!

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39 Comments on “900 Global Xponent Pearl Bowling Ball Review! BETTER Than The Original That Was Ball Of The Year?!”

  1. Really loved the review Luis!!! I think it really good comparison to it would be your pin down Zen. I’m currently in the market just like everyone else. looking to see what’s going to replace the OG Zen since it’s discontinued. And this looks like something that could do it! Thoughts? Or better yet a Comp. Video 😮 #ZenBallTooGood

  2. This ball looks really interesting to me. Great review Luis !!! .. I LOVE my Zen balls and this looks a lot like a replacement for the Zen Pearl.

    1. @@LuisNapoles – I love my Zen’s .. I have a specific 3 ball back with Zen Master, Zen Soul and Zen Pearl .. they go with me wherever I play. I just resurfaced them again (back to box finish) a couple of days ago and threw them in league last night. They always work perfectly. Excellent balls.

  3. Not sure if it’s just because the Xponent Pearl only uses two colors, but it seems like it shapes a lot like the Duo

  4. This ball is shocking me, goodness! I just recently got an Xponent and it’s changing my life. This ball looks to be even MORE continuous! Great review, Luis.

    I’d love to see this compared to a Duo, and maybe a Hustle Pearl or Hyped Pearl (or both).

  5. Add the Phaze V for comparison. I can see this at the higher levels of bowling this being the replacement for the Phaze V.

  6. Nice one, Luis! If i decide to replace the Duo in my bag, this Xponent Pearl will be the one to replace it with.

  7. Love your stuff man! Keep at it! Just ordered one of those spinners. Super stoked for the new Xponent Pearl!

  8. Beef and Barney commented that you were blowing them away with merchandise sales during their last show. Congratulations, I love it. Who says you have to be a PBA bowler to be successful with bowling merchandise sales. Your bowling channel in general is as popular as many PBA guys that cover similar topics. Keep doing your thing. We appreciate your efforts.

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