900 Global Xponent Ball Review! BEST House Shot Ball I Have Thrown Since The !Q Tour Solid!

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900 Global Xponent is going to be a GOOD bowling ball for a typical house shot!

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24 Comments on “900 Global Xponent Ball Review! BEST House Shot Ball I Have Thrown Since The !Q Tour Solid!”

  1. Aside from the covers being different with Xponent being solid and the Zen Soul being hybrid, how do the two compare?

  2. I think the Duo with some surface will be surprisingly similar to this. Maybe throw it against the Hyped Solid as well if we’re sticking to the house shot killer theme 👍 great vid as always Luis!

  3. Other than the !Q I think you should definitely compare it to the hyped solid and the phaze 2

  4. Really liked this video. Love it for my league night just had the absolute the zen and burner solid resurfaced to get ready for fall league but may look at the spinet as a replacement for zen. Did Chris throw it and what was his thought

  5. This ball looks pretty good. I currently use the Hustle Camo with a little surface as my control ball. Great video.

  6. I think the DynamX is more iQ Tour than the Xponent. Xponent probably a weaker P2 that is going to like straighter angles.

  7. Pretty sure this is replacing the og Ordance, only threw for one game, and that one game was a 298, so I’m definitely grabbing this ASAP

  8. Nice video 😊. I’m seeing a nice slide in your approach, did you change shoes? Like the look of this ball.

  9. I hit mine with a 2000 pad and it made this ball roll so much better for me also this ball from a shape perspective sits between my zen and tnt

  10. I’ve seen a few reviews now and get some original Idol vibes from the Xponent, what are your thoughts on that?

  11. Luis I always like learning from your videos about ball motion so I have a question for you I’m rebuilding my house league arsenal and have the Summit, Exotic Gem and Duo. Would this be a good step down ball or the IQ Ruby or both to round out the bag ? If you have any other options or suggestions please share thanks

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