900 Global Wolverine Dark Moss vs Storm Hyroad! Results Were VERY Surprising!

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Check out the community tab for daily polls! This video was decided by a poll in the tab! The 900 Global Wolverine Dark Moss and the Storm Hyroad!

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13 Comments on “900 Global Wolverine Dark Moss vs Storm Hyroad! Results Were VERY Surprising!”

  1. I’m confused why you’re confused. Dark Moss, being the weaker cover, should have a harder time reading over third arrow than the HyRoad.

    That first shot with the Dark Moss is what I thought was gonna happen. I suspected the HyRoad having an easier time getting back from there.

    I’m confused!

    1. yep.. i think the hyroad pearl would be a better comparison over the normal hyroad because the hy road pearl is a pearl just like the dark moss..
      i am too confused that luis is confused xD the dark moss might be better for the burn than the normal hyroad though..

    2. I don’t know why but people tend to overestimate the effect of the core and underestimate the effect of the cover. Just a trend I notice in videos.

      It’s a friction sport, the cover is super important to ball shape and reaction!

  2. Was waiting for this comparison, both balls in my bag right now and getting similar results from both. Was wondering if it was just me.

  3. Hyroad is a hybrid so I would imagine it being a little stronger than a pearl cover of relatively equal standing.

  4. I watched Luke last night, and he chewed the rear end out of the Night Road. I hope you have better luck with it.

  5. I have a DM and yes, it’s VERY smooth for a pearl but it is sensitive to side-to-side over/under. Not sure when I will use it much as the OG Zen does a much better job of being my in the bag pearl

  6. Another great video! I have those balls, too. Both I keep polished. I see you have different shoes than those orange ones… maybe that’s why they sticking 🤔 probably humid… keep the videos going!

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