900 Global Wolverine Ball Review by Luis Napoles | Next GREAT Angular Pearl?!

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In this video I am reviewing the all new 900 Global Wolverine! This is going to be the next great game 3 ball in league when you have to create some serious angle!

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7 Comments on “900 Global Wolverine Ball Review by Luis Napoles | Next GREAT Angular Pearl?!”

  1. cant wait for the review, also you have been doing amazing since going free agent I got all my friends watching your videos they love them too. i have a question , recently i have had to switch to two handed due to a ligament tear, i also have to go down to 14lbs so my question is this . since i dont know if this is going to be permanent change I’m choosing between two goats either the Venom shock or the phase 2? Both balls are widely known as being two of the greatest balls ever and they’re pretty similar in their categories but I literally can’t find one video comparing the two so I thought you might have an opinion on that. My guess is you probably can’t go wrong with either one and for conversation’s sake these type of bowling balls fit my speed and rev rate. Thank you for all the amazing work you do

    1. Yea so it’s a complete toss up between the 2 since they are both all time greats but I think you should start with the Shock. I honestly think the Phaze 2 is the better ball but since you’re going two handed you’re more than likely going to be super rev dominant to start so you’ll want the ball that hooks less to start lol now if you’re somewhat matched as far as speed and revs go then go with the Phaze 2. I appreciate the support! I’m nothing without people like you helping me grow!

    2. @Luis Napoles thanks for the reply and the advice i just ordered the shock . yes right now my revs are almost out of control lol compared to my one handed bowling , i also ordered a brundwick twist just to be safe lol,have a great holiday.

  2. Hi 👋 Luis, I just picked up the Trend 2 and Helios and I will be buying the Wolverine when it’s released I would like your opinion as to how they would compare. Thanks Rich

  3. I’d be curious to see how this compares to the Zen seeing that both are symmetrical pearls from 900 global.

  4. Are you secretly on Storm staff without telling us? How do you get all these new releases early? 😂 Great review though!

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