900 Global Sublime Bowling Ball Review! This Is Everything I Have Wanted!

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Reviewing the all new 900 Global Sublime! This ball is going check a whole lot of boxes! Wont want to miss this one!

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23 Comments on “900 Global Sublime Bowling Ball Review! This Is Everything I Have Wanted!”

  1. I have a phaze 2 it really is a great ball watching your video reall helped although i dont throw like you do it is versatile i will try alittle more speed and thankyou for the tips it is the best ball I’ve ever owned just need to figure it out highest score with it was a 267 thanks again

    1. Phaze II is my most favorite ball of all time and have the most 300’s with it. It’s a great ball. I have 5 balls in my bag and most nights in league I never switch out of it because it is so versatile. Keep throwing that ball and you will shoot 300. Just make sure you bleed the oil out of it every 50 games because if you don’t it will die and it won’t hook like you want it to. It happened to me. I have probably 6 or 700 games on mine and it still works great.

  2. Compare it with the asymmetric VEBO. Both have a clean cover. I’d like to see the difference due to the core.

    1. The sublime is a 2.47 rg and a 0.056 differential. The vebo is a 2.48 rg and a 0.052 differential. On paper the comparison is close. The vebo reads the lane slightly later, but hooks less than the sublime. We’d have to see how they roll on the lanes to know for sure.

  3. Really looks good. Glad to hear you are going to throw it tonight in league. May have to look at buying this ball👍👍

  4. Luis I know you can’t do this, but I would love to see the Sublime compared to the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 hybrid. I bet they are very close.

  5. Have to compare it to the Summit. Really feel like similar ball but the Sublime looks cleaner with that cover.

  6. Absolute might be an interesting comparison with how similar the core shapes are. Though the two don’t seem terribly close on paper 🤔

  7. So, will I see this in your hand in league this week? Answered my question at the 8 minute mark, I should have waited lol. Ball looks good in your hands, even better than your new personal best ball. (Exponent I think).

  8. Sublime with the Amplified Inertia technology looks like a banger. 1-2 punch with the Summit? Good stuff sir!

  9. I was going to get it on release date but went with Journey instead. But this is definitely another one I want

  10. Luis, I need a ball to go to after my Reality gets to be too strong (and even as strong as it is, it stays in play for longer than one might think!).
    The balls I’m looking at are the Summit, Phaze II (I know….how have I NOT ever bought a Phaze II?), and this Sublime.
    I’m a two-handed righty with prob 15.5 avg speed. No idea what my rev rate is, but I can make it move as good as anyone I know, for whatever that’s worth.
    Love the content, as always! I always look forward to your videos.

    For comparison, I guess we gotta see it compared to the OG Zen, Journey, Summit, for sure. Maybe even Magic Gem and Dark Moss?

  11. You should compare it to the absolute. Stronger cover and overall the core is different because of the outer core but the inner cores look super similar. And core shape matter more than most people think.

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