900 Global Sublime and Storm Summit Have A Lot In Common BUT Very Different Bowling Balls!

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Comparing the 900 Global Sublime and Storm Summit! On paper they have a lot in common but as we know we don't do comparisons on paper we do them on the lanes!

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34 Comments on “900 Global Sublime and Storm Summit Have A Lot In Common BUT Very Different Bowling Balls!”

  1. Sorry about the camera going in and out of focus in the intro! I’m needing a new camera bad! Saving money to buy one!

  2. The Sublime has been looking really nice from what I’ve seen. It seems to be the best of both worlds, hooks a ton when you get it outside, but doesn’t overdo it when you miss inside. It looks like it reads the lane really well and gives tons of miss room. For an amateur bowler, that is huge. I’ve had that in the Crux Prime and the Idol Helios (I know you hate that ball, but I love it), so I may look into getting the Sublime when I get back into bowling league. I miss it. I need something to replace the RST X-3, since it doesn’t do what I had hoped. I haven’t changed the surface on it, though, so that may be what I need to do to get it to react how I want. Then, maybe the Sublime would fit in my bag on either side of the Idol Helios, since that’s what I have as my benchmark right now.

  3. Luis what I noticed about this is the summit was hooking right after the arrows. So I think it was just burning up on you? Correct me if I’m wrong but watch it and let me know

    1. yep saw that too not enough oil for this ball.. sublime is cleaner, saves its energy better and makes a stronger move on the backend because of it.

  4. Great video. I have the summit I agree that u have to be more accurate and more right. Do u think if u polish the summit it will be more like the sublime? I don’t want to buy it if a polished summit will be similar. Thanks Luis 👍

    1. I don’t think it would be. The sublime being more pearl than solid will make it much more angular down lane

  5. I have the Summit and use it on the fresh ….. that being said, the ball performs best with oil …. more closed angles and more right. You can’t use it as effectively when you have to open up your angles …. when that happens I transition to the Fate …. or now more recently the Journey ……

  6. Great video Luis! I’m a rev dominant bowler. In your opinion, which of these two could be a better fit on a fresh house lane for me?

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