900 Global Reality vs Motiv Forge Flare Comparison by TamerBowling.com

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We compare these 2 big bowling balls on a typical house shot. Check it out to see our thoughts of the new 900 Global vs Motiv piece.
Thanks to Jeff Miller, Haley's Pro Shop and Limerick Bowl

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9 Comments on “900 Global Reality vs Motiv Forge Flare Comparison by TamerBowling.com”

  1. Yeah the Motiv was weird it looked a lot slower going down the lane. I know it’s not but it was like you said “labored”. Thanks Tamer

  2. I REALLY like how your Throwing it with 2 hands. Its a lot like your One handed shot. YOur not under the ball with your hand. That allows you to get projection on the ball. And your layout will get it to move on tha back!!! I love it yea yaya ;D

  3. With 2 hands the more loft you get on the ball. The more Axis tilt you can generate thus giving you more back end for cheap. The earlier it gets on the lane the more axis tilt you sacrafice. Your current 2 hand style would work best playing 15 to 10 since your playing in outer space on board 40. loft will give you the axis tilt needed to shape correctly. You will LOVE tha wild streak with 2 hands

  4. If your using 14 lbs balls. YOu can actually support the weight with your 2 fingers. YOu dont need to support the weight with your right hand. its more like 80% weight with your 2 fingers and 20% with your right hand. In time you will find the right balance. Your getting close to tha Goldie lox zone

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