900 Global Reality Check vs The GOAT Storm Phaze 2! They Look The Same But Do They Roll The Same?

The 900 Global Reality Check felt like it rolled like a stronger Phaze 2 when I initially reviewed it. Today we are going to see how similar they are!

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13 Comments on “900 Global Reality Check vs The GOAT Storm Phaze 2! They Look The Same But Do They Roll The Same?”

  1. Both of these bowling balls are really good It’s gonna be hard to choose who’s gonna be the winner Both of them are matching up equally

  2. I’m going to enjoy watching this video with all my heart You picked the awesome 2 bowling balls

  3. Luis, like the jersey you had worn on video. How do I get one and is there a discount code, thanks?

  4. Hi Luis, great video, as allways. But I must say that I’m waiting for one of these ball companies to come out with a ball or two marketed toward me, I’m 68. Maybe they could call it, “the old geezer pearl” or “the awesome ancient bowler solid” or the ” Super senior Urethane”, not holding my breath though….🤓🤓🤓

  5. No, they won’t roll the same. The P2’s sym core is going to be smoother. That being said, I would expect the Check’s asym core to clean out corners better through transition. Obviously it’s cover should be strong enough to let you get deeper. I’ve always had at least 1 P2 since they were introduced. Great ball! Haven’t picked up the Check yet…ha ha.

  6. Great video, phaze 2 is a goat ball for sure, it would be cool to see where these balls picked up if you threw them straight up 7-8 i know thats not the shot but maybe you could see a different response in dry just for comparison not score, great channel doin an awesome job!

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