900 Global Reality Check vs Storm Nova! Two Strong Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Balls!

The Storm Nova is a VERY popular Hybrid bowling ball so today we will see how the all new 900 Global Reality Check stacks up!

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24 Comments on “900 Global Reality Check vs Storm Nova! Two Strong Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Balls!”

  1. Globals 2nd strongest cover against one of Storms weakest resins…core values are almost identical. Nova will be earlier and quicker response to the dry.

    1. the first part is right, second part is reversed. the nova is going to struggle as you move in on a house shot due to its weaker cover and the massive amount of middle volume. the Check will handle the larger volume in the middle and still manage to make a strong move. that’s why balling down on house shots as you move in isnt recommended, you should actually ball up to battle the added volume and severe dry outside

  2. Question for you, as I think you have thrown them all…I am using a Reality as my first ball out of the bag in league play, and I’d like to stay with the 900 Global line to pickup a ball for when the lanes transition. I’m more of a slower rev, stroker style player. Would you recommend the Dark Moss or the Reality Check as a good pairing with the Reality for a league bowler. Thanks! Really enjoy your insights and channel!

  3. Why do you use different houses to shoot the videos. Luke just uses 1 house now for his videos that way we see a true difference from ball to ball. Keep up the good work

  4. Thanks for this video! It confirmed what I want to do with my bag. I just had the Nova drilled. Now I can pick up the Reality Check to move in during transition after starting right with the Nova.

  5. I bought the nova 2 weeks ago and my average went from 203 to 175. I can’t strike with it

  6. Really good comparison for these two, the nova here definitely needed a straighter shot but was really smooth and looks phenomenal. The reality check has that nice fish hook so to speak at the end. Both are very nice and I really like the jersey today!

  7. Almost won the tournament 9tap Tournament animals got the jackpot too though with the Idle cosmos

  8. I ended up going with the Nova from our ball league. I’ve always liked the look and it’s motion really sits well with my game. Unfortunately, I’m on injured reserve for another week. So for now, it’s an awesome air freshener in my office.

  9. i just did a demo day, and i felt like the nova on the fresh house really wasn’t the ball. Really for me its a sport shot/challenge shot king, just burned up just too much on the house shot. reality KILLED the house.

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