900 Global Reality (1-handed and 2-handed) by TamerBowling.com

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We test the new 900 Global Reality bowling ball on a medium typical house shot (THS). I test one handed and 2-hands. This ball will fit in the strong defined arsenal category.
Thanks to Jeff Miller, Haley's Pro Shop and Limerick Bowl.

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12 Comments on “900 Global Reality (1-handed and 2-handed) by TamerBowling.com”

  1. I think this will be my first purchase once bowling reopens here in California this summer. I’m intrigued by the core shape and the reaction looks very good so far

  2. Motiv Forge Flare vs 900 Global Reality. Can you make another video side by side with this bowling ball. Which one strong. Thanks you for all the great video.

  3. Your release consistency issues with the 2 hands has a lot to do with the finger grips. experiment with bigger grips so your fingers can lock in and swim around a bit. When the ball has a dull surface its hard to old onto the ball because its not as tacky. I would sand the ball to 4000 when doing the 2 handed shots for that reason. 1000 grit and 2 hands is only to destory the shim in a shot. To score you want 4000 and lane shine. If you want more mid lane grip use a heavier ball.

  4. Instead of YOU bowling 2 handed since you’re not. Dominant 2 handed bowler, you really need to find someone whose style is 2handed. I wish I lived closer I would offer my help. And I had the money to buy the bowling balls. Across the last 48 games I averaged about 221. And I bowl on a typical house pattern, 40’. Last time I put out a sport pattern I used Wall Street and US Open and those I averaged only about 198 or so

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