900 Global Honey Badger Intensity Ball Review By Luis Napoles

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Today we are reviewing the 900 Global Honey Badger Intensity! With the layout we went a little different than normal going 30x4x60 with the dual angle system. This bowling ball has a mild asymmetrical core and a mild solid cover and offered a ton of control!

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14 Comments on “900 Global Honey Badger Intensity Ball Review By Luis Napoles”

  1. When you demonstrate the new balls have taken off or added to the bow finish? Also does it already have lane shine? Thank you.

    1. @Luis Napoles they they have the knowledge and experience to manipulate(with their hand) by ball motion, speed, etc.. execution is constant to the shot.

    2. Well it just slightly changes the balls roll. Pin up is later and pin down is earlier. That’s about it. Higher pin is more downlane and lower pin is more early hook

  2. I have owned a lot of balls but never the same ball with multiple layouts. I have had balls redrilled to a different layout. Personally I don’t see the huge difference. Surface changes by far are a lot more noticeable.

  3. I always liked the badger line. They last a long time cause alot of the covers are really thick. So if you want a long lasting ball get one of these. They also hit really good

    Also pin layout does matter if you want the ball to roll earlier or later. Of course surface is the most important but thats been the case since the dawn of bowling. The thing that doesn’t matter in most symmetrical balls is the cg

  4. I just learned about your channel from your appearance on Luke’s show. I just love the way you did this review a lot of good information look forward to many more in the future nice job!

  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for bowling balls on dry conditions was thinkin ab the zen/ axiom pearl/ dark code (2-handed bowler, dont know revs but prob around 450+)

    Edit: right now I have an Areodynamix, Zen Master, Obsession Tour, Trident Horizon

  6. I have the Honey Badger Intensity myself but with a Rico layout on it. I absolutely love the way it rolls for me. Glad to see you finally review it! It’s my first Honey Badger and 900 Global ball and I’m absolutely impressed by how well this ball performs!

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