900 Global Harsh Reality vs Eternity Pi | In Depth Comparison! Multiple Camera Angle!

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Today we are comparing the two strongest bowling balls in the lineup! The 900 Global Harsh Reality and the Eternity Pi!

Harsh Reality Review:

Eternity Pi Review:

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11 Comments on “900 Global Harsh Reality vs Eternity Pi | In Depth Comparison! Multiple Camera Angle!”

  1. Decent comparison video, but not a fan of the low camera shot. The pins and corresponding ball movement look too far away with it.

  2. Second camera could work well, small thing for me at least is its a bit difficult to read where on the back end its picking up. I think the eye height angle works a bit better.

  3. I revamped my league arsenal recently. I shot a 679 last week with the supernova, black widow 2.0 hybrid, and fate. The best I’ve done since I switched from 3 leagues per week to 1.

  4. I think the front camera view is cool, my thoughts are down low I would use it to focus on release/hand position and moved up a bit higher than it currently is to see the ball track through the break point which is not really viewable now. Just my thoughts. Love the Videos.

  5. Eternity pi at 1000 grit and sublime at 3000 are money for my league. I was debating getting the harsh reality or reality but might hold off now. Do you think the black widow 3.0 would be a better choice?

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