900 Global Harsh Reality Bowling Ball Review! NEW Strongest Ball On The Market!

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Bowling ball review of the all new 900 Global Harsh Reality! This vary well may be the strongest bowling available right now!

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34 Comments on “900 Global Harsh Reality Bowling Ball Review! NEW Strongest Ball On The Market!”

  1. It’s always a good feeling waking up with amazing content of a new bowling ball. I love your comparisons being I am house shot bowler myself. How do you think it would compare to the original gem?

    1. Thanks for that! Yea I have 3 videos dropping today so I spaced them out! I think they’d be similar-ish harsh would shape more for sure while the Gem will be more forward!

  2. No joke my butt puckered on that second ball thinking it was about to be a brand new ball in the gutter. Love the look of this ball and going to pre order it today!!

  3. A great wake up alarm for me … one of your ball reviews. I would live to see a comparison with Magic or Pi

  4. Could you do a back to basics for new bowlers like myself and speak in lamen terms ?

    Like – hey if you are in a casual league – and you throw around this speed / with this rev these will be 2 great strike balls to get for league and discuss spare balls ? Trying to learn , but it’s SO much info and so hard to digest.

  5. Thanks Luis . Ive been doing my research l,looking for a first out of bag,sport shot. Its a toss up between Harsh Reality and Black Widow 3.0. Currently throwing Absolute Power. Any advice? Thank You!

    1. Yea I mean I know the Harsh Reality will be a GREAT option! I’m not 100% on the widows as I’m not allowed to throw them but I know they are hella popular. Strength of cover will forsure go to the Harsh

    2. The 3.0 made it into the bags right away yesterday, rolling the Low flare today and will find out if my TDX is going to be replaced.

  6. With how much you’re working on at the same time, your form and rev rate and speed are all looking really good! ❤

  7. Obviously, it has to be compared to the Eternity Pi.

    If you still have your Proton Physix, I’d love to see that comparison also.

  8. Amazing review as always! Quick question, when starting off on a new lane with a new ball where do you usually stand to check how the lane is – 15/25?

  9. Hello Luis, Is the Harsh Reality stronger than the Sublime, and is it similar to the Trident Odyssey?

  10. So I should upgrade to this one from my reality? I think so. Thanks for another great video. Maybe compare to the super nova?

  11. Throwing ace after ace! This ball is impressive AF – dayam. I didn’t expect another Reality with a bit more traction, but here we are. Great video!

  12. Hey Luis. I’ve been struggling trying to find an asymmetrical ball. Right now I only have a Phaze 2 and 5. What are some things you look for when making a decision? I’m usually bowling just league but probably some challenge pattern tournaments soon as I fill out the bag. 1 thing I know is some houses and conditions the P2 skids too much and doesn’t catch in time.

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