900 Global Eternity vs Exotic Gem! Which One Should You Add To The Arsenal?!

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The all new Eternity is a bowling ball that I LOVE while the Roto Grip Exotic Gem is one that I haven't exactly matched up with! How will these two bowling balls compare!

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48 Comments on “900 Global Eternity vs Exotic Gem! Which One Should You Add To The Arsenal?!”

  1. What would even be more interesting is if you still have that EagleUSA, use it since it has the old Break Core design and compare its motion to the new Break Core design of the Eternity…

  2. I’ve been waiting for this comparison. I have the Exotic Gem and wanted to see the difference between the Eternity and if there is a reason to have both balls in my bag.

    1. I’m in the same boat. I drilled an Eternity at release, and just won an Exotic today in a ball raffle. Trying to figure out if wanting to drill it, sell it, or exchange it for something else. I’ve got my arsenal set and don’t want to overlap anything.

  3. Thank you sir, I start with the GEM (not exotic) then transition into FATE…Im definitely buying an Eternity now

  4. Maybe you just need more games on the Exotic and it is starting to settle in. It could be a ball you end up loving!

    1. I got a melee jab and it was useless for me on 3 different house shots. Bowled a tournament on a challenge pattern and it was very good.

  5. Great comparison! Looking for big asymmetrical Pearl. Eternity looked really 👍👍👍. By-the-way great game!

  6. I have the Exotic Gem and thinking about the Eternity to replace the Altered Reality. All three balls are phenomenal to me . Fantastic video and drill a new Exotic Gem ,hit the ball with 2000 by hand very lightly and then use a p-5000 pad by creating a difference over that . This what I did to make the Exotic Gem 💎 shine. Great video as always 👍 Luis.

  7. Wow, you were able to let loose with that exotic gem. Looked pretty good on this lane condition for you Luis

    1. I just got an exotic gem and threw a few games with it. It dove in on me when I got slow and turned a couple 230 games into 190 games!!

  8. Being the cover and core on Exotic Gem are so strong, I drilled mine pin down and it made my Exotic Gem more versatile. First full set with Exotic Gem I shoot my first 800. I laid it out 45×4.25×65

  9. The Eternity just hits the pins harder. The Exotic Gem is like my Super Nova that sometimes rolls through too slow. I’m all in on Eternity 🤩

  10. I have a phaze 5 and I’m really looking for another ball to add to my collection I would love to see a comparison of the phaze 5 and iq tour

  11. very cool to hear your views on each ball what you like and dont. So i take it you rarely use the Exotic Gem?

    1. Literally almost never. I have only really used it for reviews and comparisons and very little in competition

  12. You throw the exotic and the gem well. I just don’t think that you like the way it looks going down lane but you throw them well. Good job

  13. Both are good balls. I can’t wait to get both. I will compare them to my eagle usa and volatility torque.

  14. You look so much more comfortable in the eternity than the gem. It looked like you threw much better shots with the eternity as well. Love watching the videos. You’ve got a great game. Thank you for all the content!

  15. Hey Luis, great video! I got a exotic gem a while ago and I just started looking for new balls, the eternity caught my eyes and I seen some reviews on it and it looks similar, I was wondering if having these two balls in my arsenal would be a good idea, would they be the same ball in league or tournaments?

    1. I think they are different enough to have both of them yea but keep in mind they are both on the stronger end of the spectrum

  16. That Exotic Gem is so hot right now. It was all over the place at the State Tournament and we are seeing some massive improvements from folks with it.

  17. from the first few shots i really like how smooth the eternity is, the asym pearl that i have now but its not as crazy off the spot well unless you bowl on not alot of oil is the nuke cell, but id like something different this time and the eternity is a ball that is aggressive but smooth off the spot and ill look into it, but again im only bowling on house for now but i will be joining a league at some point this year, so that would be good but what you think about me replacing the nuke cell with the eternity, with my rev rate being say 410.

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