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  1. Wow the Eternity 14 lbs the specs are quite a bit of a difference. Hmmmm. Looking forward to these reviews.

    1. Honestly 14 vs 15 specs in the storm family have the biggest difference on paper. However in the 13 years of testing, we uncovered very few balls where it actually made any real on lane difference.

  2. The TNT core looks a lot like the Axiom core.. Similar cover strength as well.. Bet it ends up real similar

    1. Yes and no. Reactagloss is essentially a polishing product. The issue is the surface preparation. If you take a ball up to 4000 and then put polish (whatever brand), the ball tends to go longer because the pores are completely closed essentially. But if you cut a balls surface with 500/1000 and then polish, the behavior changes a bit since there’s some underlying grit. I generally prefer compound which is essentially a kind of polish with grit in it. Ball doesn’t skid quite as long and makes it a bit more predictable. Truth is if you do a hard polish you will probably close up all the pores. So long story short, hard polish is no bueno imo, which is essentially the factory finish.

    2. @TamerBowling got it, trying to figure out hoe to handle my storm match up hybrid. Oob is 1500/factory polish. Took it to 3k trying to get a bit more length, but ended up losing a lot of energy downlane. Added some step 2 and it couldn’t recover at all downlane. Haven’t had a chance to throw it yet, but I had steo 2 removed and added reactagloss, trying to get a snap back on it.

    3. @Christopher Trebus try this. Take it to a hard 1000. Then step 2 compound then a light 3000 scuff by hand. I found this to work very well.

  3. Getting a new ball on Friday. I’ve narrowed it down to one of these 2. I am 19, about 165 – 175 average but the only balls I’ve ever used were given to me for free and not great. Do you think I should go the eternity or TnT? (either one will be my main ball, also I bowl 2 handed)

    1. My rev rate is slightly above average (for 2 handers) and my speed is slightly below average (for 2 handers). I can’t tell you my exacts RPM or Velocity because I don’t know.

    2. @TBSports c300 beast, that’s it. I use house balls for spares. (I’m trying to get more serious about bowling in general.) I usually stand a few boards left and it breaks inconsistently enough where it’s a tad annoying. (It’s not my form I’ve tried higher priced asymmetricals and they’re a lot more consistent.)

    3. @MixonMania you could do a couple of different things. You may want to consider the tnt as it’s a control option, like a benchmark that will be usable more often. What you are seeing is the beast not matching up. Think of bowling balls like golf clubs. The beast is like a 9 iron. It looks inconsistent because you probably need a higher iron or wood. TNT would be more like a 3 iron or a wood. Should be more consistent. Hope the analogy makes sense.
      Alternatively you could put take the beast to the shop and have them put surface on it which will make it more consistent.

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