13 Comments on “900 Global Burner Solid by TamerBowling.com – SHOCKER!!”

  1. Thank you for this video. Was waiting to see you throw it!
    I would love to see you throw this ball with the shine knocked off. I’m interested to see if the cover is equivalent to R2S when dull. If so, then it is really another version of the IQ tour solid.
    If you could throw the IQ Tour Solid along with the Burner Solid side-by-side, that would be great. Thank you.

    1. Although I understand your perspective, I like pairing balls w R2S Solid alongside the IQ Tour bc it’s still a different ball. Balls like the Wipe Out and Torrent are less midlane control and a little more flare allowing the ball to make it’s move later

    2. @silversilentrd I was told S62 is equivalent to R2S, but I’d like to see if that really bears out on the lane with a surface change to the burner solid.

  2. So tamer, my electrify hybrid cracked on me (f in chat) and if i cant get a replacement from storm, how does the burner compare? Loved how the electrify floated through the front and layed down to the pocket without losing hit. Drilled pin down so i could play very straight, and for a shiny ball it wasnt pukey if i missed right. How close to a ball motion at every phase could i expect to see from either the burner pearl or the solid?

    1. I haven’t tested the electrify hybrid but did check with some folks who had both and once they’re broken in the are just about on top of each other (the burner solid). They’ll have a lot the same length. Fresh, the electrify is a touch more responsive if the pattern is very high friction.

    2. @TamerBowling thanks for the info, luke in his review says something along the lines of the electrify pearl being earlier smoother and more ball overall than the hybrid, which is why i didnt want to switch over to the pearl. I trust luke because in the past i have felt many of the same things in balls that i have bought because of his and your reviews. Gives me relief i have a backup plan for a replacement

    3. @TamerBowling thanks for the help. I will for sure ask luke and fact check this but i have 0 doubt that you are right

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