900 Global Burner Solid Ball Review AND Comp To Roto Grip Hustle Camo! Bowling Balls for Light Oil!

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Today we have a ball review for the 900 Global Burner Solid as well as a comparison to the Roto Grip Hustle Camo! These two bowling balls are the perfect duo for the lighter volume patterns as well as the high friction environments!

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14 Comments on “900 Global Burner Solid Ball Review AND Comp To Roto Grip Hustle Camo! Bowling Balls for Light Oil!”

  1. Good to see the Burner line getting some love! Please tell me the Pearl is next on the upload schedule! A comparison with the Zen Master and the Burner Solid would be cool. I know Luke thinks the Burner Pearl is a baby Zen.

  2. Any new ball for heavy oil lane, my dark code and uc3 wont hook, I’m a high rev rate bowler, the only to make the dark code hook is to slow down the ball speed, but i want something that match up to my gameplay, sucks having to lower down my ball speed, it feels awkward

  3. Great video and comparison. Would you recommend the burner soild over the spector for lighter oil say 350 Rev rate?

  4. With that differential of the Burners, it seems they would match up more with the Hypeds than the Hustles. Between the Burner Solid and the IQ Tour Solid it doesn’t look like there’s any need for a Hyped Solid.

  5. Great video. I was hoping you would do this video. I recently purchased the Hustle Camo. I am really enjoying it. I almost bought the Burner Solid, but after seeing this it is definitely on my radar of balls to purchase next. I think I may try one of the other balls in the Hustle line first, but this ball will probably be after that. Thanks so much for the great content. Keep it up.

  6. I have a Burner Solid. Just knocked the polish off and have it at 2000 finish. Tonight will be first time out with on the lanes.

    1. It’s a great ball. Got gifted one and thought because it was free that it would be trash, I was wrong. I love it.

  7. What the heck! Til this video I really thought the Burners were the weakest of the lower end pieces from SPI. Can’t thank you enough for this video (for making me want to spend more money).

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