9 Comments on “900 Global Altered Reality – SHINY ASYM!!! by TamerBowling.com”

    1. Personally I found the Altered Reality a bit stronger or more defined at the end of the pattern and a bit more consistent. From what I recall with the Axiom Pearl, it really isn’t too far off as the Axiom Pearl reacted more like a shiny asym in my mind anyway in terms of shape.

    1. As it relates very nicely to the reality, yes it’s a great step down. Better than rst x2? that’s just a preference thing at the end.

    2. Better? Is subjective
      They are different for sure
      Better question if a league bowler do you need both reactions

  1. Did that ball, great look for us lefty’s. Keep up the great videos, definitely getting this one. I’m going to use your no# since we both are Lefty’s. ✌️

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