4 Comments on “900 Global Afterburner (1-hand & 2-handed) by TamerBowling.com”

  1. i own this ball along with the zen and reality from 900 global and the reality is all over the pba rn so is the zen and the afterburner is probly the best imo. this is a fantastic light oil ball and a great league ball

  2. This ball is actually not underrated. Sean rash has used it on tv many many times. A ton of people love it. And it’s not new it came out august 2020.

    1. Yep I hear you. It’s new to us as we couldn’t test it during covid at the time it officially released so getting back to it. I don’t see it locally and I realize rash has used it a bit which shows how good it is. Just hoping bowlers don’t overlook it!

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