800 Series In A Tournament?!? Doubles Tournament Vlog With Andrew Graff

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Andrew Graff and I bowled a doubles tournament together and I can honestly say this is the absolute best I have EVER bowled!! Some of the balls featured in this video are the Motiv Desert Tank, Motiv Venom Shock and the Fatal Venom! Check out my Patreon linked below!!!


Bowling Stuffs
Purple Tank- ​
Tank Blitz- ​
Jackal Legacy- ​
Desert Tank- ​
Venom Shock- ​
Fatal Venom- ​
Forge Fire- ​
Forge Flare- ​
Jackal Flash- ​
Thrill- ​
SST 6 Boa- ​
3 Ball Roller- ​
3 Ball Tote- ​
2 Ball Tote- ​
Backpack- ​
Shammy- ​
Power Gel Polish- ​
Amplify Cleaner- ​
CTD Trucut Pads- ​
Jersey- ​

My Gear
Camera- ​
Camera- ​
Apple Watch- ​
Mic- ​
Ring Light- ​
Tripod- ​
Mini Tripod- ​

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42 Comments on “800 Series In A Tournament?!? Doubles Tournament Vlog With Andrew Graff”

  1. Did you have some juju magic on your desert tank? I’ve never seen so many lucky strikes 😀 Haha!!

  2. Imagine having a 15-board-wide pocket!
    Lou’s eye for ball choice is incredible. I hope I can learn that!
    (no /s )

    1. Now when I say that the desert is my favorite ball ever THIS is why! When it’s in play for me there’s nothing better

  3. Great bowling Gentlemen, Yes I can see the Desert Tank in my arsenal soon, or the Venom Recoil to round out my bag.

  4. “You Guys are looking good”!
    “Good Shooting Guys”!
    “Cashing For Sure”!

  5. That forge flare just burns up and has nothing left at the end off the spot. The ball definitely needs oil. You really match up well with that desert tank Lou

  6. You influenced me to purchase a Desert Tank; I match up great with it too. Now I will likely purchase the Fatal Venom next. Great video; tremendous bowling.

  7. Desert tank is special. . I have an unorthodox style andthat ball works perfect for me on all pattens

  8. Is that Michael Cera under the mask? 😅 I love this though, made me really excited about the doubles tournament coming up soon

  9. Man the Daddy ball wanted to carry everything love that ball.
    Had a 299 with it and I was all over the place but it kept bailing me out.
    Please tell motive
    Make a Grandpa ball with a Quadfire core and I’ll order two lol . Nice job

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