5 Things That Have Become IRRELEVANT In Bowling – #RadicalRundown

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Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown !

This week, Phil talks about the things that have become irrelevant in bowling over the years due to technology or the changing landscape of the game.

Have another thing that has become irrelevant in bowling? Let us know in the comments!

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41 Comments on “5 Things That Have Become IRRELEVANT In Bowling – #RadicalRundown”

  1. “Cigarette ashes” 😂. Bruh, putting on the bottom of your shoe so you can slide better is crazy. But back in the day, I mean yeah. I can see it. And I’m a smoker 🤦‍♂️. I know I need to quit.

    1. Cigarette ashes and the dirt from beneath the ball return was the best way to get more slide back in the day! LOL!

    1. @@avos5 i buy my slugs on eBay they the vise easy 1 3/8 slugs. Not even sure what they made of. Looking it up now

    1. I say the same thing but I bowled in a tournament yesterday with a guy in his 60s – maybe 70s throwing two hands . . . . . He also wasn’t very good 🤷

    1. If they are merely used to “position”, they should not be used. If they are used to reduce pain, they are good in my book.

  2. I won’t argue the rise of 2 handed bowlers but I don’t think 1 handers are gonna becoming irrelevant

    1. I agree with you. One handed bowling won’t be irrelevant… at least not yet. So long as the weight of the pins doesn’t change and the goal is to knock all 10 down, 1 handers will be able to compete. Oil patterns that favor more shotmaking could help as well. We just had a PBA final (Illinois open I believe) where all of the finalists were 1 handed. Simo and Belmo were knocked out before TV.

  3. Anyone remember that Linds tournament bag that included like 4 separate sliding shoes and one push off shoe?

  4. I’ve had the same $50 bowling shoes for over 10 years of bowling and never had a issue. When people are sticking, everything’s normal for me. When people are sliding too much, it’s still normal for me. Don’t know how dexter got these shoes to do that, but it’s awesome

  5. PBA becoming irrelevant with current prize money equal to that of 1980. How these guys make a living without private backers is beyond me.

  6. Split into two separate leagues then at the end of the season have the one hand champion go against the two hand champion in the Super Bowl of bowling.

  7. I do not agree about the one hand topic. Two handed bowlering is just another way to throw the ball, all be it better right now. I am curious on the long term affects on the body. I also feel there is room amongst the two handers for one-handed bowlers who are accurate and good at ball manipulation like O Neil for example

  8. I just looked thru the PBA elite team lineups… regarding two-handed bowlers, there are 48 total bowlers (8 teams, 6 members each) – and there are 11 two handed bowlers. So not yet with one-handers being irrelevant.

  9. I disagree about the extinctions of 1H bowlers. At the tip top level of PBA and elite events, sure, 2H will be more prevalent. But it lower rung tournaments where big power players don’t dwell, 1H will still exist and do fine.

  10. There are still one handed bowlers out there throwing with more revs and speed then some two handers in tour. If you ask me, the two handers took the easy road. EJ Tackett is just one example. It takes more skill and talent to throw a ball the way he does.

  11. All kinds of sad feelings about this one. I bowl one handed and I lift. Got the grips and pitches changed so lifting is starting to become extinct in my game, but I still find a use for it on sport shots. Not sure I’ll ever go to 2 handed, but never say never.

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