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  1. I do exactly what you do, Phil. Including only using a straight ball for the 10 or 6-10. I know the common mantra is “using your strike ball and working off your strike shot to make spares isn’t good for sport patterns.” Ok, maybe. But I, and the overwhelming majority of league bowlers, am on some variation of the House shot most of the time. So it works for most people, most of the time. I’ve never had a problem with it.

    1. You are fighting ghosts. The argument is that it builds a bad habit and minimizes the amount of practice you get shooting spares straight. Which will not translate well IF you ever move up to sport patterns. The argument isn’t “shoot straight at every spare every time no matter what”

  2. I do the exact same, only use plastic for 6, 10, and 6-10. Amazing how much that ball goes down the lane even though it is only shooting at 2 specific pins. ☹️

  3. I love “spare ball” challenges because every ball in my bag is a spare ball. Lol

    I really enjoy rolling the ball straight with plenty of revs as it’s allowed me not only to pick up more spares with a straight ball, but has also allowed me to use axis rotation from 0° anywhere to 45° or greater when necessary.

  4. I recently started a simular thing myself… Basically I would just look at what I left and say “is that just my normal throw with a move?” I’m in a bit of a transition though… Trying to get some rotation on my ball is messing up my spare game and any move back to my dead straight through puts me right back to no axis rotation. It’s a work in progress.

  5. I always have debates with my buddies to shoot straight at spares most of the time especially at 10 or 7 pins. They always use a back up ball and they say they’re alive 80% on picking it up. They refuse to throw at the straight. Is a backup ball a reliable way to pick up 10 pins for a righty? Mind you we are thumbless one handed bowlers.

  6. Hey Phil, how about a video discussing the topic of Shoe Sole Pads.
    When to replace them?
    How long do they typically last?
    Are they ruined if you slide past the foul line into the lane oil?
    Is it necessary to brush them after every shot when you sit down?
    Etc . . .

  7. Spare ball, is a ball that doesnt hook much or at all to me!
    I use a Hammer Widow Spare (2017) as my spare ball, but lately starting back in the summer league this summer. I tried using it down and in, over the five board with great success. (THS)

    And now I’m still using that ball as my only ball for the Fall league! Different house, but still a THS pattern. Although the outside is a lil bit drier than the other house’s. Avg. 222 so far 3 weeks into the fall season! 😆

  8. I would love to see you guys make a ball out of any cover with no core or a simple sphere core and then put it on throwbot then a regular production ball with the same cover and regular core so people can really see what the core does.

  9. Excellent info! .. I am a right handed player and tend to only use my spare ball for 10 and 6-10, use my hook ball for every thing else, especially anything left of the 3 pin.

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