4 Styles vs 1 Ball | DNA Coil | Storm Bowling

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Hank Boomershine, VP of Sales and R&D gathers 4 distinct bowling styles and shows just how versatile the DNA Coil is. No matter what your bowling DNA is, this ball will match up to you!

DNA Coil –

✔️0:00 Intro
✔️2:29 Stroker – Steve K
✔️5:19 Tweener – Yannick
✔️7:32 Cranker – Chad
✔️10:13 2 Hander – Chayton

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5 Comments on “4 Styles vs 1 Ball | DNA Coil | Storm Bowling”

  1. Also for anyone wondering, Chayton (me) was right of Chad because my speed is about 2 MPH faster than Chad.

  2. For me personaly it depends on what oilpatterns on the lanes an witch of my six bowlingballs I play with so it can be all from stroker to cranker or both stroker and cranker on the same pattern

  3. Shout out to me the now fully accepted and endorsed title of Mr. 9000 RPM from Storm for Chayton. 😀 😀 😀 haha love it. 9000 RPM 🔥

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