3G Tour Ultra/C Unboxing and Review! My New Favorite Bowling Shoe HANDS DOWN!

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Bowling shoes is a topic that doesn't get a lot of love on YouTube! Today I am reviewing the ALL NEW 3G Tour Ultra/C bowling shoes!

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22 Comments on “3G Tour Ultra/C Unboxing and Review! My New Favorite Bowling Shoe HANDS DOWN!”

    1. On BowlersMart website they say shipping March 1st. Shoes are HIGHLY delayed across all brands and manufacturers even outside of bowling.

  1. I was getting anxiety on the left side profile slow mo shots with your toe riiiight on the line. Lol. I’m on the edge of getting new shoes but could get some time out of my THE BOA 9s

    1. That was as close to a foul as you could get lol I wanted to loves the 9’s but never did so I always went to the 6’s and 8’s but I like these more

  2. They look pretty cool. My Dexter Mens SST 8 SE Black/Blue/Silver shoes are still in good shape so I’ll be using them for at least a few more years before I need to decide on new ones.

  3. Just so happens I need new bowling shoes. I may need to try to justify spending that kind of money. If I do, I’ll use your link. I enjoy your videos and will help you if I can.

  4. 3G Bowling Shoe Adjust A Heel is a great option to adjust the heel slide as well. Along with the cleated sole gives a ton of great options for slide.

  5. Been trying to find videos on these, finallyyyyyyyy.

    Just ordered these. They LITERALLY only had a couple sizes left n one of them were my size!

    I was using the new white n blue SST 6’s but I had to get these.

    Also, more show reviews would be super dope.

  6. Currently have the Dexter 9 Colorshift BOAs and love them. Did not like the split THE7 slide sole that came with them. Went a little slicker to the S8. It’s nice that 3G provides options with the shoes. My 9’s were extremely expensive and came with less.

  7. This was a good review. Something different and shoes are very important in bowling. You actually seemed to slid a bit better with these. Are they wider than your Dexters? I’m in the Dexter the 9 right now myself.

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