1. I cannot argue at all with your choices. I have never figured out for the life of me what is up with Swag’s designers / advertising od their stuff. Ebonite to me have some really nice pours but the logos baffle me. Any way you have yourself a very Happy New Years Mr. Chris Beans. PS: I thought maybe Big Bowling might have one or two honorable mentions too. Keep up the good work.

    1. Funny you mention Big, because the ones I had on the list were from 2021, so didn’t make the 2022 list. Appreciate the comment and have a Happy New Year bro!

    2. @Bowlers Rant Yeah I guess they don’t come out with many do they? No wonder Marshall Kent left and went back to Storm. I saw him in a couple of month old vid he had a Storm jacket on.

  2. I loved this review. You called it like you aw it, and you made me laught doing so. Thanks – I’ll definitely avoide all 5 of these.

  3. I cannot argue at all with your choices, but you hit all the oversea balls. I would love to see a US release of the top 5 worse balls.

    1. @Bowlers Rant correct all but one are balls you can get here, but Swag balls are made in Korea and sold here.

      Also, it’s Anthony Lavery Spahr that is on Swag Pro Staff.

      Hope you had an amazing holiday and hope to see you at Bowl Expo

  4. Well, we’ve entered the land of the beholder’s eye lol. Only one I agree with is the third one. The rest I think look at least decent. More importantly, looks always are inferior to performance. I’ll throw the ugliest ball no problem if I can bowl good with it.

  5. The fact that you never talk about these brands on this channel and now just absolutely murder them. Kinda cold blooded. Merry Christmas 😂😂😂

  6. I love this brand and it’s all I throw, but I think it’s from last year, the MOTIV Forge Flare had to be the ugliest ball that I’ve ever seen, next to the Gem. Luckily I don’t care about color because that ball hits like a tank and hooks at your feet. I love that ball, but it looks like a piece of candy corn and I hate candy corn.

  7. Yeah no# 1 ‘ believe it or not it’s horrific label but I’ve thrown a few swags tried them since PBA player rolls them but the treasure ball 1st place of awful you say I rolled it in league and it actually rolled great Brother.

    1. @Bowlers Rantmost are only brand fanboys. If it isn’t Storm or Brunswick ect. They are ugly/don’t work. If you can bowl you can bowl good with any bowling ball by any brand. Just my two cents.

    2. @Bowlers Rant yeah I thrown several balls but did t stick with them I might have as I said found one that was good but saying the rest of the Swag stuff I couldn’t get myself to buy them since most of them are for heavier oil, and not able to pick 3 of them and the shelf appeal is not the best. Lol.. your good Bro always watch your new stuff that comes out

  8. Beans,
    I have to say the only one I really agree with in totality is the antidote. The first one was at least kind of OK looking. Let’s not mention a certain vendor trying to sell a cheaply made Chinese ball at the same price point as some others that are arguably superior. The colors they chose for the latest one are meh.

    The XXX-Mas pour looks great IMO. You don’t see many red/white/green balls. The Hammer candy cane Vibe and the Visionary New Breed Solid are the only ones I can remember at the moment. That said, Swag/Lord Field makes some great pieces but they have a habit of giving some of their balls some DUMB names.

    As far as the Nanodesu balls, aside from the first one being kind of boring color wise I like the look of the last few. Colors and logos are not overdone or obnoxious.

    The Polaris hybrid is a great ball but the effort on shelf appeal was a phone-in.

    1. I feel like ebonite has had some of the more forgettable releases over the last few year with only a couple exceptions

    2. List is for 2022. I don’t know why so many people are missing this….the date is on the thumbnail pic and in the title of the vid

  9. I think the Brutal Collision needs to make the list. Even though I think it looks like a good ball, I think I’d look for a better looking ball with a similar reaction before buying it. The Blue and one other color can stay, but not both.

  10. You probably weren’t a fan of the Hammer Epidemic design. While i liked the look of it…if you told me the person choosing the colors let their kid choose, and they used every color available at the time..i would probably believe it. Lol

  11. I’d throw the exotic gem and brutal collision on this list as well at least as honorable mentions. Even though they are both some of the best new balls of the year

    1. Next year I may do Top 10. Definitely room for a few more there….and you aren’t wrong on the Gem…wasn’t my fave on shelf appeal either.

  12. Both of those Swag balls are actually really good. I couldnt say about the others. I would say the Top 5 should be Gem, Innovator, Top Speed, Brutal Collision, and Exotic Gem

  13. Great topic! Lets do top 5 prettiest! Id go with the Gem or Exotic Gem, its beautiful spinning down the lane

    1. @David Hensel you think? I get alot of compliments on how pretty the ball is, certainly not on my skill throwing it LOL

  14. I’m a fan of the black Pearl treasure. I think the do need help with their flyers. They are way too busy to get the message across. Also, the ball looks completely different in person. I think you should make some with the major companies. Cause some of them are god awful

    1. You aren’t wrong. Next time I’ll do a top 10 (potentially) and which likely would grab a few mainstream items

  15. Pyramid Antidote: Not bad. I’d roll it.
    SWAG XXXmas: WTF? Is this a joke? Haha I’d love to see the sales report on that.
    ABS Nanodesu Super Grasp: if Eeyore was a bowling ball.
    AbS Pure Rise: looks just like an Ebonite GB4 Pearl with the logo made for bowlers living in retirement homes. I’d still mess with it.
    SWAG Black Pearl Treasure: looks like a ball from a low budget bowling phone game
    Ebonite Polaris Hybrid: Logo isn’t good, but the pour is sexxxy.
    Honorable Mentions: Rotogrip Gem, Storm Nova, DV8 Brutal Collision, DV8 Diva, 900G Zen Master, and Hammer Sting.

  16. Honestly I lean towards darker pours so whenever a ball has a bright color on it I almost never give it any attention no matter how good it rolls. The Gem, exotic gem, polaris, and rstx3 are all blah

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