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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Sorry I was a little vague was at work trying to listen in. I’m around 475 rev rate 18mph off the hand and around 10 degrees of tilt and 60 degree axis rotation. My main house is wood but I bowl at multiple houses with varying surfaces. Love the content glad I found the channel!

  2. Great channel. Great livestream. A lot of experience, diversity and knowledge in this group, Hate to imagine waiting 365 days until the next one. Maybe another stream featuring different guests…..house bowlers, tournament bowlers, whoever. Input from all bowlers can make this game more interesting and there’s a lot to be learned in discussions like these. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing more.

    1. I asked about the Thrill being a step down from Venom Shock, I have the Covert Tank which I like because I can control the ball? Your thoughts on this plz.

    2. @Richard Santine I think Mike answered that question. I think he said that if you had an alpha a shock and a thrill that would be a great progression because the alpha is stronger than the Shock like the Shock is to the Thrill

    3. I appreciate the knowledge and videos that you have given. I’m always looking for information to get better at my game. Thanks again

  3. i’ll never understand why you guys hype up the shock so much lol, i’ve drilled 3 and they all roll like booty

  4. Thanks for pulling all these guys together. Was really interesting to listen to. Also, thanks for answering my question. Sounds like a Venom Shock, a Fatal Venom, and a Sniper would be a good 3 ball bag to start with coming over to Motiv.

  5. I thought it was a fantastic video, I’m have my to watch it again so I can write down everyone’s name and their site to catch them like you said..

  6. I really enjoy your videos and you have really come long way from the first videos. The reason why you are important is that people that love Motiv can relate. You also dont have the biggest revrate, and so when you trow equipment i know more what the ball will be doing.

    I would really want to know more about you as a player and seeing more from you in comptetition. Also did you become a staff player and more videos maybe even with you meeting other staff players.

    Its easy to be just pumping balls and saying all balls is better. You just need to make some changes so your creative and improve.

    We have maybe been on the best years in terms of quality of Motiv balls. So i understand your excitement, but we cant buy all balls:)

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