2020 Revolt By Staffer Luis Napoles | Overseas Edition

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The 2020 Revolt is one of Motiv's newest overseas release! It has the incredible core and cover combo of the Vanquish core which was made popular in the Covert Revolt and the Coercion HVS cover! This bowling ball is inanely good!!

Bowling Stuffs
Desert Tank-
Venom Shock-
Fatal Venom-
Forge Fire-
Forge Flare-
Jackal Flash-
SST 6 Boa-
3 Ball Roller-
3 Ball Tote-
2 Ball Tote-
Power Gel Polish-
Amplify Cleaner-
CTD Trucut Pads-

My Gear
Apple Watch-
Ring Light-
Mini Tripod-

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42 Comments on “2020 Revolt By Staffer Luis Napoles | Overseas Edition”

  1. I’m here!!!!

    Dang this is an overseas ball. It looked great when you were throwing it the other day. Now I want it lol 😂😂😂😂

  2. Congrats on the new sponsors!! Like you said this is just a fun ball review, it’s not everyday we get to see these overseas bowling balls here in the states..also like that u compare it to a ball in the current line! Keep it up bro!

  3. Thks for reviewing the overseas balls. I am not from the US..and I think there are some others also in the same ship as me. I am very interested in your reviews as my bowling style (rev rate, etc) are almost similar as yours….. Keep it up bro!

  4. Canadian subscriber here. YES please continue to review ALL Motiv balls including the overseas exclusives 😁

  5. I definitely wouldn’t call it a waste of time to do the review because it is interesting no doubt. I wish they would release another revolt. I feel like it would sell easily.

  6. Louis, yes im a realistic subscriber, but also i like entertainment. Thanks for being more than just your typical reviewer. The information on the technical side is very helpful for me.

    1. @MotivLou By the way keep up the great work! I’ll watch all the vids you post, facebook group is awesome too.

  7. Keep em coming. Would like to see the Flare as the cores are similar numbers so would really like to see what differences there are

  8. @MotivLou dude keep up the great work i stumbled across your videos about 3 months ago and i can say you have helped me so much! I have since switched to Motiv almost completely! I have retired my Hammer sauce for the venom shock. I also use the hydra for my step down and plan on getting a strong asym in the future. If you have time to give advice it would be amazing. I throw about 16 – 18 mph and around 400 rev rate and am looking for an asym for typical house shot. Thanks and keep em coming man you and your crew are amazing!

    1. That’s amazing to hear!! Right now for a house shot I am really liking the Jackal Legacy! It’s a really big ball but still wants to get through the fronts unlike some other big asym balls!!

  9. Great video again, and a even better explanation to why you can/need to make these types of video. You did your explanation with purpose and you were not rude! Great job!

  10. Another great review. People do have access to the overseas releases through raffles and it’s nice to see what they can do. Keep up the great work

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