2-Hand Striking Artistry | Proton PhysiX

Chayton Petersen demonstrates how both hands can πŸ’œ the Proton PhysiX.

Released: 12/4/20

Find out more about the Proton PhysiX here:

9 Comments on “2-Hand Striking Artistry | Proton PhysiX”

  1. One of my favorite balls, but I’ll let you know when I find a two handed who is effective with this.

  2. OG Physix is πŸ”₯!! Need a relaunch, release, regenerate, RE-BROUGHT BACK!!! 2 hand 2 finger, 2 hand 2 finger and a thumb and ,my personal fav, og bowling 1 hand 2 finger and thumb!!! Ball is a pocket hunter! Maybe atomic core with R4S cover, called Ocean Physix. πŸ€”all the power and motion of the ocean, sinking pins in the pit! Well just a thought….

  3. I don’t roll fast enough to use this one. My Physix stays in the bag unless there is a left over sport shot.
    My Astro Physix comes out some league nights.

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