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Chris Beans shares updates on comments of the DNA COIL coming to USA and footage of Belmo vs Daria in a winner take all match in Korea!

Overseas balls:

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  1. He’s super deep on the lane but didn’t even have to try to get it to the spot sheesh. Might be a two hander dream ball

    1. @Rascalibur  he’s the goat imo. But you can tell watching daria too. Ball is super clean. I threw the solid plenty and for the strength of that cover it was really clean

  2. If its coming stateside, I’m definitely snagging one, and I’m definitely picking a long snappy layout, and take off the Reacta Gloss, and give it a good ol 500 polish

    1. ​@BriGuyInSiThere are a lot of pros like that, whether on the ladies or mens tour. AJ Johnson is one of them, he only just picked up his first title a month or two ago.

    1. You know? I had something like that in my mind but I couldn’t place it! Nice observation Paul. When you coming back to visit bro?

  3. This is what you want to see out of a pearl. Clean through the front and snap off the dry. The supercore makes that transition snappy but smooth and like the dna the ball seems continuous through the pins.

    It doesn’t tumble down the lane.
    Storm.would be stupid not to bring this ball to the states.

  4. Alright, it looks like I may hold off on getting an asymmetrical pearl , was thinking about the blackout , but—- I may hold off.

  5. With the modern release women can absolutely generate a ton of power. Just need to abandon the wrist devices that are holding them back.

  6. Cool video talk tech bowling bowling ball storm DNA coil bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Bowlers rant Chris beans

  7. Blackout, DNA Coil……SPI doing their best to create a ball like the Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid. Looks like both this Coil and the Blackout are damned good balls. I thought the Blackout was gonna be the BW2.0h, but this Coil actually looks more like it. Either way, just shows that competition amongst manufacturers is excellent for the consumer.

  8. It’s a storm product probably going to last 3 or 4 months, and the ball will die. Owned 4 storm balls and all died

  9. Makes sense for it to come stateside as it has the pearlized version of the OG release. If this had NEX, REX, or something overseas exclusive I would just hang my head. But I will say the normally named Gem Hybrid is an overseas only. Which I still feel is weird since the US typically gets the generic S,P,H nomenclature.

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